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Sensual Anal

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Eric turns off his iPad before excusing himself to the restroom. I take off my dress quickly before he returns. Before he can climb into bed, I hug him from behind and take off his boxers. After he lays down, I get on top of him, kiss him, nibble his ear while I play with his hair.

Feeling bold, I whisper “I want you” into his ear.

“Where is this coming from?” he asks.

“Just my mood,”

“You say that right as I’m getting sleepy?”

“Eriiic,” I grumble as I lay on his chest in defeat.


“Nothing,” I reply as I accept defeat and roll off onto my side.

“You can’t just pop that on me out of nowhere,” he says. “You have to work up to it.”

And with that, he presses his half hard erection against me. I can’t help but whimper in excitement. As he slowly rubs against me, he works on removing my thong, which I end up helping him do. He then teases my entrance with his member as he removes my bra. Then, he reaches around me, opens my legs slightly, and begins to play with my clit.

I can’t help but moan his name from this welcome surprise. His breathing becomes slightly heavier as he slowly inserts a finger inside me as he continues to rub his now hard cock against me. I’m becoming very erotik film izle wet by the time he inserts a second finger. He plays with me in a very deliberate way, taking slow, long strokes, varying his depth and pressure.

As I get to the edge of ecstasy, I remember a previous encounter where he asked me to taste myself on his fingers. So I reach for his hand and lick each of his fingers clean. I feel his cock twitch as I do this. His fingers are drenched; I’m much wetter than I’ve ever been. At that point, I feel him teasing my entrance again with his member.

He slowly enters me, us still spooning on our sides. He’s hugging me from behind, one hand on my breast and the other clutching my stomach. He slowly begins to fuck me.

I can’t help but whimper and moan as he does this. He’s so warm and hard and deep inside me. I ask if he enjoys fucking me to which he gutturally replies,


His pace increases and the sounds of him entering me over and over become wetter. He reaches around and plays with my clit as he continues. As I approach the edge again, he pulls out and positions me on my stomach. He gently grabs my hair and my breast as he enters me again. His speed increases as our body temperatures rise. His film izle breath becomes more raged with each thrust. Empowered by my extreme lust, I build up the courage to ask the question on my mind.

“Hey Eric?” I ask, unintentionally louder than expected due to a particularly deep thrust.

“Yes?” he whispers.

“Do you want to try what you tried the other night, again?”

He slows his pace significantly before asking, “Do you?”

“Yes,” I moan, perhaps a little too enthusiastically.

With that, he pulls out and swiftly enters my backside halfway. I yelp in half surprise, half pain. He doesn’t move and asks if I’m okay. I manage a “mmhmm,” and a nod.

“Just go slow, okay?” I ask as I slowly adjust to him.

“Of course,” he responds quietly.

He stays perfectly still and kisses my sweaty neck. I try to relax those muscles. It’s such an odd feeling, having him inside me there. It no longer hurts, but it still feels odd. I notice that I’m unconsciously moving my hips in small, slow circles.

“Are you okay?” He asks again, still remaining perfectly still.

“Yes,” I reply this time.

With near agonizing slowness, he presses the rest of himself inside me. I moan quite loud at the bizarre seks filmi izle feeling of it. Feeling so full in a way that I’ve never experienced before. Bizarre, yet amazing. He slowly pulls himself out most of the way, and slowly back in again. I know I’m being too loud but I can’t help it. I feel so close to him, so warm, and so connected. I feel myself contract around him as he continues his slow thrusting. His breath becomes heavier than ever. He picks up his pace as he grabs my hair and kisses me fiercely.

It feels amazing, having sex like this. I touch myself as he continues his thrusting. I’m surprised by how wet I am, considering this quite new experience. Everything begins to blur into a euphoric mist of frantic movements, raged panting, and sweat.

“Can I cum inside your ass?” he asks through strangled breaths.

The best I can manage is a nod. His pace increases even more as I feel him tense inside me, followed by the feeling of his warm seed. It’s too much, and I succumb to the pleasure.

He collapses on top of me, sweaty, still panting, and still inside me. I’m in the same state. We stay like that for a long time, still connected and breathing in rhythm. I feel incredibly warm. At some point, he lifts himself just enough to pull out of me. I nearly orgasm again just from that. He reaches around and holds me as we resume our sideways position. He kisses me one last time on the cheek before I hear him fall asleep. I do the same shortly after.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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