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The Four Sluts Pt. 11

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Body Cumshots

*Everyone involved in this story is over 18.


It had been a long week for Sarah and Lauren. Both of their families had them putting in a lot of servicing. Lauren most of all.

Lauren had slept nearly the entire day. Lauren had to explain to her mom that she had just stayed up really late watching TV. It wasn’t entirely untrue after all. Still though, Lauren didn’t want to miss the graduation party, so she got up around 7PM to get ready with Sarah.

The two of them were riding in Jeremy’s truck, with Sarah’s dad driving. The two of the girls were on their knees in the back while Jeremy sat and leaned back.

“You should probably hurry up.” Ben said. “We’re almost at the school.” Sarah and Lauren had already serviced Sarah’s daddy before they left.

Jeremy’s hand was stroking his sister’s face that was shoved down onto his shaved groin. “Ohhh shit, you two look amazing.” Lauren was under Sarah, licking and sucking on Jeremy’s balls.

The two girls were on their way to their high school graduation party. It was a special event for only seniors that lasted from midnight to early morning. There were a ton of games and activities like mock gambling and obstacle courses and even napping spots. The two of them were pretty excited for the full night in the school. They had a few ideas to make it fun.

Sarah slowly pulled off of her brother’s dick as Lauren rode her tongue up his shaft. Sarah went down with her lips and replaced Lauren at Jeremy’s balls, as Lauren wrapped her soft lips around his head and slowly sunk down until his long rod was down her throat. She stroked his cock with her tongue. Sarah suck both of his balls in to her mouth and massaged them with her wet tongue.

“Oh shit, fuck that’s amazing.” Jeremy took a handful of both of their hair. He stroked his dick with Lauren’s face, increasing the speed until he was ravaging her throat. Her hair flew wildly. Spit and pre-cum leaked out from her lips and droplets landed on Sarah. Jeremy pressed his little sister’s faced deeper on his ball sack. “Fucking take it. God you two are fucking whores.”

They were idling outside of the front entrance. Students were already milling in. There was a table of teachers and chaperones accepting tickets to the event. The two girls were stroking their lips and tongues up and down his shaft, every now and again intensely throating his cock with hard and fast strokes until he was finally shooting his semen over their faces. The girls licked his rod until it was soft, then cleaned the cum off of their faces and swapped it in their mouths.

“See ya.” Lauren said with a little wave as he hopped out of the car.

“Thanks for the ride daddy.” Sarah gave Ben a deep tongue kiss and hopped out of the car.

Walking towards the school the girls got a lot of stares. Several boys whistled and hollered at them. The girls waved, blew kisses, or winked back. A few girls gave them looks of shock, disgust, or jealousy. The teachers were certainly surprised, but the police officer with them grinned.

Sarah was wearing blue sneakers, and as usual tiny shorts that let half of her ass hang out in the open for grabbing. She had her silky hair in two pigtails. The only thing she had on top were two wide suspenders that went over her shoulders and covered her nipples, but otherwise she was completely bare.

Lauren was wearing flats and let her hair down in a golden and black flow. She was wearing a tight strapless short dress, designed so it was all holes. Not like mesh or stockings, but wide gaping holes bigger than a hand between the fabrics that exposed her soft skin underneath. The dress was like a large net of silk tightly wrapped around her body. Her nipples would poke out and get covered back up as she walked.

When they presented their tickets to the teacher she was opening and closing her mouth like a fish, unable to speak.

“Ms. Gardner, what are you doing?” the officer asked with a sly grin. Sarah had definitely fucked this man before. “They’re giving you their tickets.”

“But, but, they… their outfits.” She stammered out.

“I agree they look fantastic.” The officer took their tickets and waved them in.

As they walked in more of their fellow seniors started to point. Sarah and Lauren flirted back but explored some of the party. Several kids had snuck in some alcohol and were drinking freely in the bathrooms. Sarah and Lauren joined all of them, even when they didn’t know the students. Eventually the two of them got pretty tipsy and went on to explore.

The whole event seemed to be in full swing. The gym had a few obstacle courses and a bounce house. The two girls chatted up some friends before going into the bounce house. They were mostly watched as their curvy bodies bounced up and down. They also fought with padded staffs in a makeshift padded arena.

In one of the lecture halls there were mock gambling games like Blackjack and Poker. There was also hand reading and a few bingo games. The girls played some bingo cebeci escort and blackjack. When they played bingo they’d stand up and bounce up and down shouting ‘bingo’ even though they never won.

They moved on to the cafeteria where they were handing out snacks and drinks. They also had a DJ playing music and a dance floor. There were a few flagpoles being stored in the cafeteria with no flags, and even though they weren’t part of the party Lauren flashed her tits at the janitors and they moved all of the poles on the dance floor. It wasn’t long before girls were dancing on them

Several classrooms had games specific to them. Sarah’s favorite room was the apple bobbing room. There was even a water pong table set up in a classroom and corn hole in the lecture hall.

Lauren had taken a bottle of tequila from a friend and hid it in one of the bathrooms so between rooms the girls could go and take a few swigs. They had just gone in again from the apple bobbing room.

Lauren handed Sarah the bottle, “Did you see Mr. Kase’s eyes when you were going?”

Sarah snickered as she took a sip. “I thought they were going to burst out of his head.”

“And no one was cheering you on. Anyone watching just stared while the other girl had half of her body in the tub.” Lauren mirrored her friend’s snicker. She took another swig and handed the bottle to Sarah. “Ok I’m heading back out.”

“I’ll meet you in the lecture hall, I just need to hide this again.” Lauren headed out while Sarah stood up on a toilet and hid the bottle under the ceiling tile.

But as she was reaching up to put it away she heard someone clear their throat. She spun her head around in surprise. It was one of the janitors, Fred Evens, an older black man with greying hair and ever so slight bend in his back. He had a thin veil of facial hair, also greying. Next to him was a janitor’s cart. He was staring Sarah down, him in a janitor’s outfit, and her in her shorts and suspenders, her fat melons protruding out and only barely hidden nipples and a bottle of half drunk tequila in her hand.

“Umm hi.” Sarah said, a little nervous. Fred was known for being a bit of a hard ass and not liking the students very much, but Sarah didn’t know him very well.

“What do you think you’re doing young lady?”

“Ummm…” if she were a little more sober she might have a better response.

“What do you have there?”

“It’s… umm…”

“Come down from there right now.” Sarah stepped down, feeling very small. He was a tall man. “Come here.” Sarah stumbled over.” Put it down.” Sarah put the bottle down and he put his hold hand over her round tit and growled.

Sarah bit her lip and squeezed her tits, “Do you like them?” She was slurring her words. “They’re one hundred percent real.”

He moved his hand up and put his thumb in her mouth. She sucked on it with a smile.

Fred still had a hard grimace, “Fucking teenagers, getting drunk in my school.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?” She stuck her bottom lip out.

Fred pulled off her suspenders and attacked her nipples with his mouth. Sarah yelped as he bit her nipples. He went for her other breast with his hand and with the other pulled her shorts down. He turned her around and shoved her towards the sink, her face in the mirror. He pulled her shorts all the way down. He knelt down spread her butt cheeks and stuck his tongue up her ass.

Sarah moaned loudly, “Oh fuck! Fucking taste me! Oh yes!”

Fred took a moment to pull away and pull a towel from his cart and tightly tied Sarah’s hands behind her back. He took a hold of both of her pigtails and pulled as he dove back down. Sarah was leaning far back as Fred positioned himself right under her and licked at her clit and pussy.

Sarah panted. She was watching her pleasure ridden face in the mirror itching to fondle herself but unable to, “Oh shit, right there.” Sarah’s frustrated groans grew intensely, and her slutty moans built up until she erupted in a loud scream and her juices came leaking out onto Freds face and down her legs.

Two girls walked in on them, but quickly left laughing. Soon after a group of boys walked in and watched as Sarah was getting eaten out. She noticed and winked, smiling at them as her moans grew louder and more breathless.

Fred pulled out from under Sarah. He pulled his pants off and Sarah’s eyes widened at the length and girth of this rod.

“You’re going to put that in my pussy?”

He slapped her ass hard, “Teenage slut’s like you and your friends need to be punished. I’m going to ass rape you.”

She shook her head drunkenly, “Nooo, that’s too big.”

He slapped her ass again. “Shut the fuck up whore.” Fred squirted liberal amounts of soap on his hands. He spread the soap on both his monstrous cock and in her asshole. She gasped as his fingers assaulted her sphincter. When he was satisfied he lined the head of his rod with her asshole and slipped inside. Fred savored the moment. cebeci escort bayan He swirled the head inside of Sarah and she moaned happily. But then Fred took a hold of both of her pigtails and with a hard pull and push he slammed his gigantic cock inside of Sarah’s inviting ass.

Sarah immediately screamed out in pain. “OH FUCK YOU’RE TOO BIG!”

Fred didn’t take a single thought to her. Sarah’s ass was hot on his meat and her ass was soft. Her gravity defying tits were bouncing as he sawed into her ass. Her throat was straining as she screamed. The soap allowed him to go as fast and hard as he possibly could and Sarah was paying the price for it. Bubbles foamed from the friction between them and dripped down their legs and on the floor.


Sarah was at Fred’s mercy and he took advantage of it as much as he could. He didn’t care what the students watching thought. All he knew was that he wanted to use this girl as much as he could, and damned if he lost his job.

Taking both pigtails in one hand he slapped and grabbed at her breasts, fondling their softness, and twisting at the brown nipples. Then giving her a second of respite he turned around and grabbed the bottle of tequila. Continuing his assault on her sphincter he opened the bottle and pulled on her pigtails again. He put the bottle to Sarah’s screaming mouth and made her wrap her lips around the bottle.

“You like to get drunk don’t you little girl?” He thrust hard into her insides. “Huh, you slut? Drink it!”

Sarah started gulping down tequila. The intense heat of the alcohol went down her throat and burned her from the belly to her throat. Her head was swimming and each powerful thrust of the fat dick inside of her was sending static across her nerves. But she didn’t get too far with the liquor before she spat it out and it leaked down her neck and cleavage. Fred put the bottle down and bent over her shoulder to slurp the liquid off of her breasts and nipples.

Then Fred shoved her face into the mirror and her breath fogged up the glass. He power housed into her insides growling about ‘teenagers’, ‘slutty girls’, and ‘young pussy’.

Sarah was screaming at the top of her lungs, building up to an orgasm, “PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASE SLOW DOWN! YOU’RE COCK IS TOO BIG! SHIT, TEAR ME APART PLEASE! FUCK I NEED A BREAK!” Sarah’s face was screwed up in pain until she climaxed hard, and he wasn’t far behind. Roaring out and bucking into her ass Fred the janitor poured his old man sperm deep into the bowels of Sarah’s insides. Sarah could practically feel the hot spurts coating her and she collapsed onto the sink, exhausted. Fred slowly kept on fucking her ass until he was fully soft.

He put his pants back on, grabbed his cart and left her, going right by the ogling senior boys. Sarah was left at the sink, naked with her hands tied behind her back. Realizing it was over the guys moved into the bathroom and flipped her around. Sarah protested loudly but her hands were still tied behind her back. The group of boys ran a train on Sarah’s pussy and ass. She groaned loudly as each one put his dick in her pussy folds, but could only lean back and take it.

By the time they were finished cum was leaking out of both of her holes and she had bite marks all over her tits and neck. The guys took plenty of photos during and after with their phones. Sarah even asked them to take a few with hers. In the end they untied and left her. Sarah put her shorts and suspenders back on after cleaning herself with the towel, and he headed back out.


While Lauren was waiting for Sarah she was dancing on one of the flagpoles in the cafeteria. She wasn’t able to do much on them since they weren’t stripper poles, but the guys still got kick out of watching her. A few walked up and grabbed at her ass and tits. She’d grind on someone every now and again before going back to the pole.

The chaperones watching were at the end of their rope. The men were enraptured and very jealous, while the women were trying to figure out how to pull her out, fearing she was in over her head. Finally the even Coordinator Jill Elis came over with an officer and one of the school’s counselor’s Mr. Galven to ask Lauren to leave.

“But I don’t want to leave,” Lauren was still grinding her ass up and down on the pole.

“Lauren why are acting this?” Mr. Galven used to be Lauren’s guidance counselor through high school. “I never would have imagined you being like this.”

Lauren laughed, “You’re not proud of your old student?” She licked her lips with a smile and grabbed her tits as she knelt down low. “You told me to try new things.”

“Listen, this girl’s obviously drunk, so I’ll take it from here.” Lauren recognized the officer as Frank Heath, one of the police that took Sarah’s virginity.

Officer Heath grabbed Lauren by the arm and pulled her out of the cafeteria. She objected but the large black officer grabbed escort cebeci a fistful of the eighteen year olds hair. She yelped in surprise and several heads turned towards them. Heath pulled Lauren’s head back into his chest and she laughed excitedly. The heads watched as the officer walked down a hall and turned into an unused hall. The officer shoved Lauren into a dark classroom and turned on the lights.

Lauren hopped onto a desk and crossed her legs and leaned back, showing off her athletic body and curves. “Police officers shouldn’t look at teenagers, like that.” He touched her bare thigh and she bit her lip, “I’m not even half your age.”

“I like to use barely legal girls, whores or not, and you are a whore.” Heath pulled his long dick out and spread Lauren’s legs wide. Her glistening wet pussy was exposed. “Tonight you’re a cum-dumpster.”

He hiked up the lower part of the slutty dress and filled her pussy to her cervix in one powerful stroke. Lauren gasped and her eyes fluttered. Heath pushed her down on her back and put his hand between the wide holes of the dress to grope her tits. Heath pumped in her cunt hard and fast. Lauren breathed hard as his big cock stretched her pussy out. Lauren put her hands over his and fondled her own breasts as he punished her pussy.

“Fuck yes, fuck my pussy,” she fingered her clit with one hand and he twisted her nipples hard and she squealed. “Use me! Ah yes, fuck this slutty cunt, own me, please!”

He pulled off of her and pulled her up with him. He pushed her over to the window and opened the blinds. Outside were a bunch of skaters, hanging out in the courtyard “I don’t think they’ve seen us yet.” Lauren said.

“They will.” Heath pressed her against the window and handcuffed her hands to a window lock above her head. Her nipples were cold against the glass and her breasts were flattened on the window. He slipped his cock in one of the holes and into her backdoor. Lauren groaned as he filled her up. She panted hard and Heath pushed her face to the window so she was licking the glass. “I like an audience.”

The skaters saw and watched from afar, Most of them seemed to like what they were seeing.

Heath pounded Lauren’s ass hard. He opened the window so the skaters could hear.

“Yes, fuck this ass! Fuck my teenage ass. Show them how much of a slut I am.” Lauren bounced her ass back on Heath’s dick.

“What the hell is going on here?” Lauren and Heath turned to see Mrs. Elis and Mr. Galven in the doorway.

“Oh, Mrs. Ellis, hold on.” Frank Heath took the handcuffs off of Lauren and swung her back around so they were both facing the two school administrators. Lauren’s tits were bouncing inside her net.

“The two of you need to stop right now.” Mrs. Ellis stressed. Mr. Galven could only stare in shock. “Officer she is a student of this school.”

Heath grabbed Lauren’s hair again and pulled her up to show off her glorious breasts. “Actually ma’am she graduated two days ago. She’s a college student now.” Mrs. Elis opened and closed her mouth, failing at speech. “You know John that means if you’re up to it she’s got two open holes just for you.

“What do you say Mr. Galven?” Lauren panted and her ass jiggled as Heath pounded her from behind. She sucked on a finger and twisted one of her nipples. “I bet you’ve been thinking about cumming on this face for so long. Whenever I was in your office, asking for advice on school, all you wanted to do was shove that dick of yours straight down this throat.” Lauren stroked down her neck on the last sentence.

When Mr. Galven gulped in response Mrs. Elis looked at him in horror. “Mr. Galven! You have a wife and she was one of your students only days ago.”

“Doesn’t that make it so much hotter?” Lauren asked.

Mr. Galven stepped forward and touched Lauren’s blissful face. “Every time your young sexy body came into my office all I wanted to do was bend you over and fuck you.” He pulled out his dick, which was already rock hard and long.

Lauren panted in excitement and Mr. Galven stuck his cock slowly down her throat, savoring every second of being inside of her. He relished every warm drop of saliva, and the increasing tightness of her sexy throat. Her face slowly getting redder and redder over a pained expression was driving him wild. Until finally he was so deep in her mouth that her tongue was slobbering on his balls.

Mrs. Galven quickly left, saying something about calling the principle. “Good luck with that.” Heath called out behind her.

Lauren’s almond eyes stared up at Mr. Galven as he drew all the way out of her mouth, and then slammed it back down her throat. Lauren gagged loudly from the punishment. Heath matched Mr. Galven’s powerful strokes into Lauren’s ass.

Officer Heath didn’t last much longer. With a groan he shot his man juice inside Lauren. Mr. Galven pulled Lauren off of his dick and laid her down on her back on the teacher’s desk, clearing off the stuff on top in the process.

“I’ve been wanting to do this since the moment I saw your tits.”

Lauren giggled and bit her lip, looking up at her old guidance counselor with a seductive look in her eye. She used a finger to wave him over and spread her legs to show off her sexy cunt, “Come over here and fuck this teenage pussy.”

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