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The Forgotten Lay of Celibacy

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Copyright (c) 2001, by DiscipleN. All rights reserved. This work may not be used for any commercial purposes without prior, documented consent from the owner.

* * * * *

Pearl Halley sat with her son on their comfortable sofa in the living room. Den had already guessed he would need to pay good attention. Looking around at the sofa and the coffee table, he noticed they were especially tidy. Architecture magazines were stacked neatly. Cushions sat straight in a row. The TV was dusted and the glass looked crystal clear. Even the air smelled scrubbed. Closed curtains hung wrinkle free and the stereo system gleamed like fine dinnerware. The aftermath of his birthday party had been completely swept away.

“Den, now that you’re eighteen, I feel it’s right to tell you about celibacy.”

“Oh mom, I know all about that.”

“I’m sure the public school has covered the subject as required by law, but I’m much more worried about what your friends might say. There is a lot of dangerous misinformation being passed around as truth. Besides it’s important for parents to discuss these things with their children. At this stage in your life, your life might depend upon knowing the honest facts.”

“You mean, like, celibacy isn’t only for religious nuts who can’t accept the idea that humans are evolved from animals?”

His mother smiled. “Why yes! I’m so glad we didn’t have to beat around the bush.” She continued. “You see, that was an example of a half-truth. Yes, celibacy can be abused by men and women seeking spiritual transcendence, but it’s far more complicated that than.”

“Yeah? Tommy Anderson told me he was celibate, but later I caught him masturbating in front of his sister. He said that didn’t count. She liked to tease his cock with her mouth and then fuck her pussy with an eight inch, black dildo just to spite his celibacy.”

“It’s easy to get confused. Do you have any questions before I go over the basics?”

“Umm, yeah I guess. When did celibacy begin?”

“It was long ago, when mankind realized it couldn’t be fucking every minute of the day. Food was plentiful, and human beings were pretty much safe from most predators. One day, a brave woman was sucking on her son’s prick when she pulled away before he could fill her mouth with warm cum. Maybe her ass hurt from the domesticated animal that was pumping its trained cock up her shitter, but some say she was struck by a thought that had never occurred to anybody before.

“‘Son,’ She said, ‘I think I’ll go for a walk by myself.’

“Of course, lions ate her, but the son remembered that day, when for the first time, as he was just about to cum, his mother took her mouth off of his bursting cock. Some say he simply jacked himself off or got the animal to lick it until his milky juice squirted out, but I believe the professors of sexual anthropology and their theory that he simply let his cock slowly soften and shrink. He stood up and looked around at the simple sprawl of bodies writhing in different positions from various sex acts. Perhaps he wondered where he might fit himself in, but he must have been somewhat concerned for his mother. It’s only natural. He certainly must have been looking forward to sticking his young prick into her savage pussy and fuck her until she screamed in ecstasy. But she had gone.

“Maybe he scratched his head or his disappointed balls, but it’s pretty clear that the sun set, and his mother did not return. No doubt, orphan that he was, the remaining tribe members included them in their continuous escapades of sucking, fucking, cumming, and testing out new animals.

“However the idea had been born, and as insane as it must have sounded then, there’s one thing, aside from natural lust, we also know about people. They like to pretend.

“He spawned a new generation, daughters and sons all ready to plunge headlong in to daily sex life. But as a precaution, he told them about the day his mother walked away from sex only to be eaten by lions. Certainly none of them would ever be so foolish.

“But the human being is a curious creature, and wont to test every conceivable idea for potential excitement. Imagine the young daughter sucking on one of her brothers’ happy dicks while taking her father in her cunt and the other brother in her ass. (Oh, I see you are imagining it…) Suddenly she decided to stop all her sucking and pushing back against the hot meat filling her belly and guts. Doubtless, many seconds passed as the men continued to push in and out of her three holes, perhaps minutes passed. Eventually they realized the wonton receptacle of their impending, orgasmic jets had changed her character. This was new and puzzling. What was the matter? Was she feeling all right? Had someone failed to please her? Everything had been progressing so wonderfully a few moments before.

“Then they heard her giggle! She had invented teasing, and aren’t you glad for that you naughty product of my womb?”

Pearl’s son was nearly drooling. cebeci escort He began to wonder how long this story was. Always at school, his teacher would walk along the rows and give hand jobs and pork to her students as she recited the lessons. Den never had to listen so patiently before. His emotions climbed to a whole new level of arousal waiting for his mother to finish her story.

Pearl smiled but her eyes sparkled with wicked delight. After all, there’s no better way to teach than to demonstrate.

“News of that event swirled around the tribe like water. After only a couple generations, everyone, especially the girls, tried to catch their various lovers off their guard just long enough to confuse and arouse them to greater passions. It was the greatest step for mankind that had happened since man had appeared on the planet. Tribe after tribe, from continent to continent the new experience spurred humanity to delights never before discovered.”

“Gee, and I thought teasing was just mean.” Den fidgeted on the couch.

“Not at that time, but after ages of joy and peace, there came a terrible day. The enlightenment of celibacy was struck dark by an evil man who thought only of his own pleasure at the expense of others. Nobody knows his name, but forever will he be cursed.

Pearl fixed her gaze upon her son and deliberately paused till his attention was absolute.

“There once occurred a great celebration for a tribal chieftain. His daughter had reached the time of her first breeding, and therefore a contest was held to see who would raise the child her father had naturally bred upon her.

The contest was such that every man of the village would stand before the daughter who was spread eagle and tied to a totem pole by leather thongs. The man who waited longest before stuffing his prick into her wide open cunt would be the winner.

“Now it is known that men and women at that time could wait only a couple minutes before their years of sexual conditioning overtook their will. And the chief’s daughter was the most beautiful woman in the village! So it was doubly hard to resist humping right into her dripping pussy. The chief himself was prepared to rescue his daughter from any man who might hold out longer than than she could, but only for two men did he have to comfort her overheated cunt. Dozens of other villagers simply banged her at first sight, while others failed to resist longer than one cup of water through the clock.

“The two men who managed to resist the longest used two, very different means of preserving their sanity in view of the most exciting woman of their time. The first resorted to jacking off, like several others had, but instead of finally burying his jet of cum right into her pussy as nature obviously intended, he spewed her face with a full load of boiling jism!

“Needless to say, it caused quite a stir. Of course, every man knew the experience of injecting hot spunk into a woman or animal’s mouth or ass before. Their society still wondered if filling those holes might impregnate or produce some mythological creature like a centaur, but this thing of ejaculating quarts of fresh cum onto the woman’s face had never occurred before. It was considered so exciting of an invention, the chief fully expected to give his daughter to this ingenious young man.

“But not all the contestants had been given their chance. One last man remained to attempt to resist the beautiful daughter’s charms. The villagers suddenly laughed. This man who approached the bound figure of perfection, he was known as the village idiot who often interrupted mating pairs at the moment of their mutual orgasm and steal their cum into his own mouth or ass right from the intended partner. They were sure he would not be able to withstand the girl’s helplessness any longer than a viper could withstand the opportunity to poison a fawn.

“Unfortunately, this man was no idiot. However, the evil of thievery had claimed his soul. He stood in front of the chief’s daughter and showed her his cock, but to the horror of the village, the man had none! The day before he had cut off his manhood and seared it with a burning torch.

“With an dreadful laugh, he threw the carcass of his ugly cock at his leader’s feet and claimed that forever would he not fuck the chief’s daughter, and if his leader was an honorable man he would do as he promised and give his daughter to him.

“The village was outraged and probably would have supported whatever punishment the chief saw fit, but it was the daughter who decided the matter.

“‘Father, I love you more than my own life, and I cannot allow this beast to impugn your dignity. I shall become his woman, but I promise that the child you seeded unto me will be a daughter, and since you only promised that I was the prize of this contest, our daughter will belong to the true winner of this day.’ and she bowed her cum dripping head at the handsome young man who had cebeci escort bayan uniquely blessed her with his seed.”

“NO! Mother that’s horrible. Tell me it didn’t happen that way!” Den jumped up with a anguished look on his face. “Tell me the good man was able to steal the woman back.”

“Ah, but then the good man would have resorted to the ways of his enemy.” Pearl told her son sincerely. “There is a reason that I waited for your 18th birthday to tell you this story. You are old enough to learn the whole truth about celibacy.”

Den thought about it and he knew his mother was right. With a saddened face he sank back into the soft couch cushions.

“The reason we do not know the evil man’s name is because the chief had his name stricken from their language. Anyone with that name was immediately renamed, usually to the name of the good man, and never was the evil one used again.

“But the act of self-emasculation was not the greatest evil that befell the village. This man had to somehow live with his defiling act, and once more he twisted a healthy aspect of mankind to serve wickedness.

“Unable to satisfy the daughter’s need for regular fucks, although he tried sucking her clit and stuffed all manner of nature’s bounty into her pregnant pussy, he was rarely capable of the effort it took to bring her to orgasm. The woman was no fool, and she would often bring her cunt to his mouth full of other men’s cum. This infuriated her man, but he was helpless to stop her. It was tradition in those days that men who could not satisfy his woman must suffer the disgrace of the ‘withheld cock’. To settle his own needs, he resorted to sucking the cocks of better men and begged them to stick them up his ass. But his only means to keep the chief’s daughter was to suck her to orgasm even when her cunt was brimming with the soured jism of dozens of real lovers.

“Soon the beautiful daughter gave birth to her own daughter, and the precious baby was promptly delivered to the good man’s care. It is said that even in her first year, the man who dearly loved the chief’s daughter would expend his seed all over his child in faithful memory of her beautiful mother. Others in the village shared his act of loyalty, either upon his child or their own young.

“The evil man was tormented in daytime by the unwashed faces of little girls everywhere around him, and he was tortured at night by his woman who fed him other men’s virile cock juice from her overflowing pussy.

“Very quickly, he became totally insane and began to talk to people who could not be seen. He would tell them, ‘I am going to become the new chief. ‘ And he would make up stories about his invisible friends. He claimed that the villagers were being watched and judged by forces that would someday purify the village of it’s sexual excesses.

“Of course the villagers ignored him. He was already known to be an idiot. But year after year, the evil man would claim that his invisible friends were the cause of everything bad that happened in the village. Someone would stub their toe, or a pine cone would fall on a person’s head, he even claimed that the sky and the earth was controlled by his friends.

“One year, the village had a poor harvest, and a hungry winter gnawed at their stomachs. The evil man raged and raged that uninhibited sex would be their downfall.

“But mother, why didn’t they just move to a better place to farm?” Den asked curiously.

“That’s a wonderful question, dear, and researchers believe that they know the answer. You see, this man happened to live at a time when the earth was beginning to fill up with people, at least in the area of his village. The pure hearted villagers did not realize that they could simply come in their daughter’s lovely mouths or up their cute bottom holes to keep their population in balance with nature’s ability to provide.

“There were too many mysteries in the world when villagers stopped desiring sex. Because they were so hungry, every mystery was examined, not consciously, but men and women alike are always seeking answers, sometimes to things that do not exist. To make matters worse, the chief died that winter for many years had passed since the legendary contest.

“After that, even the reasonable voice of the chief’s daughter could not keep the other villagers from associating the death of their beloved leader to the idiot’s raving.

“Oh no!” Den cried.

“Now comes the worst part of all, my son. You have to be strong.” Pearl held her son with both arms and rocked him gently. “Because the villagers had less children that year, since they were too hungry to fuck and suck as much as usual, the next harvest from their soil, which had sustained so many generations, was barely enough to feed them the next winter. Again less children were born, and the poor, unknowing villagers began to associate less children with being able to survive in the land they had always called home.

“Year escort cebeci after year, the beautiful daughter brought less and less cum home to her man’s evil tongue to lick out of her otherwise withholding cunt. Fewer villagers dared to fuck her after the power of the invisible force(s) seemed to be evidenced in the lean times.

“After many years, the village was barely able to keep its population from declining, and the notion that sex was the cause of their trouble began to strangle their reason. Near the end of the evil man’s life, the village, barely a fraction of its original glory, chose him as their leader in a desperate attempt to appease the invisible forces that he had forewarned.”

“That’s terrible, mother. How could anyone believe such a thing?” Den clutched his mom’s comforting form, and he sought escape from the nightmare she described by burying his face between her large tits. He suckled a nipple as he had as a child, when the world was a safe and perfect place.

“I don’t understand it either, but the historical evidence is all too clear. Now before I tell you what occurred next, let me remind you this all happened in the days when mothers and fathers couldn’t tell their children the truth about celibacy.”

“But you said the evil man was going to die.”

“Yes, and he did die, but his village was not the only one that suffered overpopulation and soil depletion which led to sudden drops in population. To feed his own village, he once more relied on the thing that had blackened his heart. He caused his people to make war against their neighbors and steal food that others had grown between their hours of joyous fucking. And his people learned warfare, and they built a great empire in their leader’s name…

“Hey, you said that his name had been erased!” Den turned his head from her voluptuous tits and complained. “And so it was, but I’m not finished yet.” Pearl looked deliberately serious at her child, but she reached for his young cock and held it warmly to reassure him once more.

“On the last day of his life, the emperor made a terrible decree. Never again should a man or woman take a member of their family to bed. You see every village was in fact an entire family where every villager was related to every other villager. Even the evil old man was related to the honorable chief and the good man, however distantly and flawed. The new law that prohibited incestuous intercourse was based on his love of theft. As his warriors conquered new villages they were required to sew their seed into the new village. Only people who were taken by force could be used to satisfy nature’s urges. Otherwise, to appease the invisible forces, one must wait for those and only those sexual opportunities.

“Thus, the unnatural acts of rape and forced celibacy came to pass, and ever since, mankind has been haunted by their evil. Over time, these edicts became ritualized and were sublimated into more comfortable forms, but their roots extend into the heart of thievery.”

“Wow.” Den was amazed at all he had learned. Just to be sure of something he had always before taken for granted, he slipped his young hand between his mother’s thighs and pushed his fingers into her wet cunt and he was about to smile but instead suddenly frowned.

“What happened to the good man?”

Pearl was so proud of her son for asking that question, she began to jerk her hand softly up and down his erect penis, well maybe also because he was ticking her clit with his strong fingers.

“Well, you see, that’s the happy ending to the story.”

“Really? How?” Den brightened enormously.

“First, let me answer your question about the evil man’s name. When the chief declared that his name was to be forgotten even the evil man had no name. He became jealous of the good man who had the most popular name in the village. So, when the emperor first assumed his wicked throne, he stole the good man’s name.”

“Oh no!” Den’s fingers paused most deliciously inside his mother’s dripping cunt.

“Yes, and in his sudden shame, the good man took his daughter far away and raised her to tell the story of celibacy to her children. Ages later, when the lies of invisible forces were finally discarded for nature’s pure truth, the story remains to remind us of humanity’s only purpose, to enjoy that which is given and condemn that which is taken.”

Pearl used her son’s distracted pause to lay fully upon the couch and pull him to her breasts. Her gripping hand guided his full cock down to her ready cunt.

“Den, will you give your love to your mother?”

“Yes mother, I will!” Her eager son thrust quickly through her gaping pussy lips and embedded his young prick fully into her dripping cunt hole. “Oh, you’ve never felt this hot before, mommie!”

“Mmmmm!! I know, and your wonderful cock has never filled me so fully or so hard!” She kissed her son’s mouth, and they exchanged tongues back and forth as Den began to fuck her cunt with strong strokes.

“What about the chief’s beautiful daughter. What happened to her?”

“Ooohh, yes, her. I almost forgot. Fuck mommy harder, okay?”

“Like this?”

“Oh yes!! That’s it, my dear child, YES!!”

“Did the beautiful woman finally escape the emperor.”

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