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The Family Vacation Ch. 02

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This is a continuing story. Read the previous works to understand the players. As always, all characters are over the age of 18.


I woke up early because I was in a strange bed. The bedroom was strange but quite luxurious. The body beside me was familiar though. The fragrance of Trish’s hair and the softness of her skin brought me back to reality. We are here in our vacation home. Our daughters, Tracy and Teri are here with us, as is my sister Jan and our dear friend Sue Fine. The purpose of the vacation is to have relaxing time with our family. Sue and I will be playing golf today, and most days. The others will be enjoying the sun today and then a shopping spree in the afternoon. But my early morning routine will never change.

I moved down Trish’s body, nibbling on her pert little nipples, then tasting her belly, and finally teasing her gold clit ring and splitting her labia with my mouth. Trish reacts by spreading her legs. She might be awake. She might be dozing. It’s a natural response, no matter what. My tongue explores deeper within her folds, exposing the pinkness and perfection of her pussy. Her hole opens and I push deep to taste the pungent flavor of her sex. Trish’s hips begin to rock and she pushes back against my face. As I place my hands on the cheeks of her well preserved ass, she grabs my head and pulls me hard against her mons. My upper lip becomes numb from the pressure. She moves my head from side to side to further stimulate her clitoris. And she cums. I feel the warm wet rush of fluid that flows from within. It fills my mouth. I drink it in. Trish’s morning orgasms last for about a minute or more. Then she relaxes again. Sometimes she falls back into a deep sleep. On other days she’ll stretch and reach for my hand as I crawl back up her lithe and beautiful body.

This morning she wakes. Like me, she realizes that the room is unfamiliar. Then she remembers. We smile and kiss. She licks her own produce from inside my mouth. I pinch her nipple.

“Mmm, good morning darling. That was nice.”

“Would you like some coffee?” I ask.

“Yes please.”

I wander into the kitchen. I can smell fresh coffee and I wonder who else might be up. As I round the corner I realize that it’s Devon, our master chef. He’s dressed in a tshirt and shorts. He spots my morning wood and grins.

“I have a feeling there are a few pretty ladies in the house who might be happy to bump into you like that. Sorry it’s only me.” He winked and turned away. “Coffee?”

“Yes. Thank you. Pour three mugs. I’ll let you take one to Trish. She might enjoy you surprising her. I need to go wake Sue.”

I picked up two mugs and walked down the hall to Sue’s room. I knocked softly and pushed the door open. Sue was still asleep. Naked. I set the coffee down on the nightstand and pushed the sheet away, exposing her entire body. She and I know each other intimately, but the sight of her always turns me on. I have a sudden desire to fuck her. Sue and I are regular partners in sexual fun and games, often combined with massage. But since we don’t live together, we don’t wake up together. That makes today a little more special.

I knelt between her legs and admired her slender figure. I love women with small breasts and Sue fits the order nicely. Though, like Trish, she’s several years my senior, she’s well preserved, and looks much younger than her late forties. Her vagina is hairless and her clit is barely exposed. I grasped her left foot and applied some pressure and massage. Then I did the same with the right. I watched as her pussy relaxed and began to open, ever so slightly. My cock was hard now and I wanted relief. I moved up the bed, holding Sue’s feet and spreading her legs. Her eyes opened in surprise. Then she realized what was happening.

She smiled and said, “Well isn’t this a treat? I don’t usually get an early morning fuck unless it’s with a dildo. Is that for me? ”

“Yes it is lover. And it’s loaded.”

“Then put it in me. I’ll be happy to play eighteen today with my cunt dripping.”

I put the tip at her opening and she thrust herself upward, taking me inside. I gave a few thrusts of my own and soon I was in balls deep. We kept up an earnest pounding motion. I wasn’t concerned about lasting long, but I was glad to go for four or five minutes. And I could tell by Sue’s grunts and moans that she was liking it too. But I needed to change positions. I withdrew and held her leg and moved it to get her to roll over. She understood right away.

“Oh yeah. Give it to me from behind. You’ll hit my g spot.”

When Sue was on her knees and spread wide, her skinny ass was completely open to my view and my hands. I shoved my cock back deep inside her puss and rubbed my thumb on her asshole. Sue sighed with pleasure. I pushed my thumb inside. She moaned. I pumped harder and I could feel my seed boiling up inside. I felt it as it rushed up through the veins and I plunged deep into Sue’s cunt as I released my first etimesgut escort ejaculate of the day. It was a flood and Sue was cumming with me. I felt the warmth in her ass and our combined juices were flowing back out of her vaginal hole. We kept pumping together until we were both nearing exhaustion. Finally she collapsed under me and I laid down on her back. I was breathing heavily in her ear.

“I think I like waking you up in the morning.”

“It’s nice to have you here to do it.” She replied.

“I brought you coffee. I just couldn’t resist your body.”

“You know you can have it any time you want it.”

“I love you Sue. I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”

“It goes both ways Rob. You know most people who do what we do, have to sneak around and cheat. You and I are most lucky to have Trish in our lives.”

“You can say that again. Speaking of which, I better go check on her. I sent Devon to take her some coffee.”

“Oh, that could mean just about anything! Thank you for the morning fuck. I’m serious about wanting to drip your cum all day. Better bring some extra towels.”

I leaned in and kissed her as I pushed myself up off her body. My cock was still dripping. I used a tissue to wipe away the excess so I wouldn’t be dripping my way back to my bedroom and my wife. I picked up my coffee, took a long sip and headed out the door.

I heard the shower running as I walked into the bedroom. And I saw Devon’s clothes on the bed. As I entered the bathroom I could hear voices and it was clear that they were enjoying themselves. I could see Trish and Devon through the glass. She was jacking him off as they both stood under the multiple shower heads.

“Wow Trish. That feels so good.”

“C’mon Devon. Shoot it on me.”

“Oh yeah. I’m gonna cum!”

“Yeah baby, give it to me.”

Devon groaned as he shot his load all over Trish’s belly.

I entered the shower and put my arms around Trish from behind. Devon looked a little surprised but then realized that it was OK.

Trish sighed, “I wondered where you went Honey. But I’m glad you’re here now. Make me a sandwich.”

I pressed my wilting cock into her ass crack as she hugged Devon close and kissed his mouth. We both pushed against her and she moaned her satisfaction with the arrangement. I put some soap on a sponge and started washing us both down. Then I handed it off to Devon so he could continue the bathing. He was apparently comfortable with the mmf three some. We all washed each other, but Trish was the clear center of attention. As we finished, we turned off the water and grabbed some towels and dried ourselves off.

Devon excused himself by saying, “Thanks for that, but I’ve got to get back to breakfast. He wrapped the towel around his waist and didn’t bother to get dressed again. He just grabbed his clothes and dashed off to the kitchen.

I hugged Trish and we kissed.

“That was hot!” I said.

“Yes, I think he liked it. I know I did. Should I ask where you disappeared to? I mean, how do you get distracted from such a simple errand as making coffee? Was it something I said?”

I knew she was teasing me, but I couldn’t lie.

“I went to wake up Sue. I took her some coffee and then I got carried away. Do you know how much she enjoys walking around with cum dripping between her legs? She loves it!” I answered my own question. “It’s not that I felt obligated, but I don’t often get the chance to give it to her so early in the morning.”

“I’m glad that you could make her so happy. Really I am. I love her too and you both know that. And thanks for sending Devon in to me. You have been on the receiving end of numerous willing female partners for many years. And you know I’m fine with that. But I like a little variety of men from time to time as well. Especially when they’re as handsome and polite as Devon. And Chad isn’t bad either. I think this family vacation is going to be sexy, and a lot of fun for us all.”

“I’m sure it will be. I think that Devon and Chad understand how welcome they are. Tell me, is there anything you’d like me to do before Sue and I leave for the golf club?”

“I think we’ll be OK. We have Devon here in case we need a male on the spur of the moment. Chad will probably come by sometime. Like you said, I think they both will try to be available for our needs, and their own.” She winked at me. “Where are we going for dinner tonight? And what time? Any dress up requests?”

“Double check with Chad. I asked him to book a reservation at La Spiga, between 7 and 8. It’s Italian. It should be warm enough to eat on the patio there. You can get dressed up if you like. Other people there, will be.”

“OK, I’ll ask Chad what he would recommend for how dressy. And we can ask at some of the shops on El Paseo today. Maybe I’ll find something new to wear. In case I forget to tell you, thank you for bringing us all here. It should be a nice getaway from etimesgut escort bayan Sedona. I do like having a chance to dress up. And I brought a few special pieces of jewelry that I don’t get to wear as often at home. I love you Rob.”

“I love you too Trish. You’re the best thing that ever happened in my life.”

“Ditto Darling. Now get dressed and have a fun time on the golf course.”

We hugged and kissed. Trish slipped on a ‘barely there’ white gauze sundress. I love it because it’s virtually transparent. She teases me with it whenever she wears it. But now she was exiting the bedroom and heading off to tease Devon. And to set the tone for the others. I wondered when they might wake up. And how their day would work out. I wasn’t worried about them. They all know how to take care of themselves. But I was curious and I knew that I’d be anxious to hear about their day when we gathered for dinner.

When I walked into the kitchen, Trish and Sue were drinking coffee and laughing together. Devon was cracking eggs and still wearing only the towel around his waist. Trish saw me and giggled. “Sue says she might need an extra towel on the seat of your golf cart today. And she’s thinking of taking the one that Devon is wearing. What do you think?”

“I think his towel is already a little damp. But I’m sure you and Jan and the girls will decide if he really needs it or not.” I turned to Devon. “Are you going to be all right this morning on your own with this crowd? Should I arrange for Security to stop by and do a welfare check?”

Everybody laughed at that. Devon smiled and looked up from his bowl. “First, I’ll feed them. Hopefully I’ll do a good enough job that they’ll all want to thank me. I think I’ll be safe.”

“Well, in that case, we will be leaving you now. Are you ready Sue?”

She slipped off her stool and stood up next to Trish. Yes, I’m almost ready.” I watched as she lifted her skirt up to her waist, revealing her bright blue thong panty. It coordinated with the skirt and top that she had purchased yesterday. She pulled the triangle aside and wiped a gob of my sperm that was dribbling out of her pussy. She fed her sperm covered fingers to Trish. My dick was beginning to grow at the sight. Trish licked her fingers clean.

“Mmm, I’ve had my taste Rob. You’re going to have to eat up whatever is left today. Or find a big towel.”

Sue pushed her skirt back down and patted it into place.

“OK I’m good to go now.” She winked at me. We both kissed Trish goodbye. And we headed out the door.

We checked to make sure that we had everything we needed as we got into the golf cart. Sue leaned over and held my head as she gave me a deep passionate kiss. “Thanks for the wake up this morning. I’m still shaking from that orgasm. It’s gonna be a great day!”

“We need to behave today though. It’s our first day as guests at this club and we’re playing with Mark, the head pro. So give me one more kiss and then we need to control our PDA.”

She leaned over again and we kissed another long, deep, wet, loving kiss. I put my hand up under her skirt and she rubbed my package through my shorts. There was still some slime on the inside of her thigh. I held up my wet finger when we broke the kiss and then I licked it.

Sue grinned. “There’s plenty more where that came from, lover.”

We did behave ourselves on the golf course. I think we made a good impression on Mark. We both played well, scoring in the low eighties. I think we can both improve tomorrow since we’ve seen the course now. Mark was good about offering tips on where to place shots, and we were good about following his advice. I put a hundred dollar bill in his pocket at the end of the day and we thanked him for his time. We confirmed our time with Sally, the assistant pro tomorrow.

As much as Sue enjoyed being on the course with the handsome, and apparently single, Mark, she resisted flirting beyond reasonable limits. She might have flashed her panties very briefly, but nothing blatant or overboard. I think Mark was as impressed with her golf skills as he was with her sexy appearance. It’s likely she left him hoping for more. For me, the prospect of playing with Sally is beyond appealing. She’s a really hot looking young lady. I’m guessing mid 20s with a knock out figure and a pretty face. If she golfs as good as she looks, it will be fun for sure.

After a late, light lunch and cool drinks, we headed back to the house. The Bentley was gone from the garage, indicating that the girls were still out shopping. We walked inside and it was quiet.

“It looks like we’ve got the place to ourselves for a while. How about a swim?” Sue asked as she put her hand on my arm.

“That sounds perfect. I need to get out of these clothes.”

“Me too. I’ll see you in the pool in a minute.” She let go and started down the hallway to her room, stripping off her shirt as she walked. I had to watch. I just love seeing escort etimesgut pretty women taking off their clothes.

Once I was undressed I went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator, looking for some bottled water. Instead I found a pitcher of lemonade and a note from Devon. ‘Fresh from the lemon trees in the yard, just like the orange juice in the morning.’ I filled two glasses with ice and poured from the pitcher. I took a sip and it turned into a long gulp. Delicious. I refilled the glass as Sue came around the corner.

Words can’t describe how much I love to look at her naked form. Her breasts are barely large enough to sag, even as she approaches her late forties. Her waxed pussy makes her look like a young girl. And her eyes light up a room. As does her smile. I handed her a glass. She took a sip and mmmed her approval. Then she held the glass to her nipple. Immediately it stiffened. She moved it to the other one. Same thing. Watching this made my cock start to grow. She smiled at me and held the glass to my nipple. I shuttered at the cold, but then my nipples got hard.

“Do you know how much you turn me on?”

Sue reached down and held my penis. “Yes, I think I do. And you know I love doing it to you. Let’s go get in the pool.” Without letting go, she turned and I quickly followed her out the door. We stepped down into the shallow end of the pool together, still holding our glasses of lemonade and Sue still holding my member. It was growing in her hand. We put our beverages on the deck at the pool’s edge and I reached my arm around her and pulled her to me as we floated into the deeper water.

“This has been another great day. What did you think of the course?”

“Beautiful condition. I noticed a lot of women playing. It’s the kind of course you can play everyday. Did I behave well enough with Mark?” She winked at me.

“I think you had him wondering about our relationship. And I think he’d like to see more of you, if he could.”

“So I was a respectable tease?”

“Yes, very respectable. Now give me a kiss and show me your slutty side.” I winked back.

Sue leaned into me and we kissed another one of those romantic, really turned on kisses. She reached down and stroked my ass, reaching even further and teasing my anus. I couldn’t resist doing the same to her. We held the kiss as we both probed each other’s asses. We were both in up to our first knuckles.

Sue broke the kiss and said, “Slutty enough?”

My dick was growing and she was straddling it. While still poking her butt with my middle finger, I used my other ones to direct my cock into the other hole between her legs. As I slipped inside her, my finger went deeper. She, in response, pushed her finger farther into my backside. My cock jumped and pulsed inside her. I could feel it on my finger tip. Sue wrapped her legs around my waist. Our hips were moving and we were making waves in the pool. Sue continued to press deeper into my butt and she wiggled her finger to add to the stimulation. I returned in kind.

“Oh Rob I’m gonna cum!”

“Come on. Do it!”

I was about to lose it myself. Sue let out a wail when her orgasm began. For the first time since our arrival yesterday, I was concerned about disturbing the neighbors. But it didn’t stop us. I grunted loudly as my cock began to throb and shoot like a cannon into her cavern. Realizing how loud she was, Sue bit down on my shoulder to muffle the noise. It hurt enough that I gave a howl. It was a sign of my pain and my pleasure. Even our heavy breathing was loud as we completed our act of love and lust.

When we finally calmed down and the waves began to subside, we heard the distinct sound of hands clapping over the wall next door and then two female voices raised loud enough so we could hear, “Ride him cowgirl! Woo Hoo!” “Send him over here when you’re done!”

We both were shocked to know that we had been heard. But in the spirit of the moment we both started laughing. Then quietly smirked at each other, “I didn’t think about neighbors. Suppose we ought to invite them over?”

I answered her by saying, “I don’t know if I can do a repeat performance. You just drained me girl!”

Sue put her mouth to my ear and nibbled my earlobe. Then she whispered, “if I can make you hard again, will you let me invite them over?”

“Sue! We don’t even know who they are, or what they look like. They might be 80 years old.”

“Or they might be 18.” She smiled at me. “We know that they liked the noise we made. And they know what we were doing…sort of.”

Sue repeated her dare. “If I can make you hard again, will you let me invite them over? No promises for anything else. I’m just going to show you off.”

“If you can get me hard again.” I nodded, somewhat reluctantly, and doubtful that she could do it. Sue unwrapped her legs from around me and quietly took my hand and lead me out of the pool. I stood as she retrieved a pair of towels and we dried off. Then she took my hand and lead me inside. We walked silently down the hall to her room. The bed was neat and I flashed on how we had messed up the linens this morning. Sue went to the bath and returned with a fresh towel. She spread it on the bed and told me to lay down. I sat on the towel and started to lean back.

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