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Some Things Leave a Bad…

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Some Things Leave a Bad Taste In Your Mouth

This is a true story. It happened to me about ten years ago while I was camping up in the mountains of Tennessee. I had my camper parked in a big campground area. I had taken my girlfriend along with me for a three day get-away and was looking forward to just peace and quiet and relaxation. But little did I know this would turn out to be the wildest time of my life.

Linda and I got the camper all set up and then went down to the lake for a dip. While we were there we met another couple that lived in Virginia. They were a little older than we were but we hit it off real quick and began having fun. She, Diane, was a very attractive woman with long blond hair but she was a little over weight — but just in the right places. He was beginning to gray around the temples but was in real good shape for a man his age.

We splashed and played for the rest of the afternoon and then returned to our respective campers — having made an engagement to play cards later. That evening at seven they came over and we sat around talking and then playing spades. Around nine it started raining so we had to go inside our camper cause the wind was blowing it under our canopy.

There wasn’t much room in there as you might expect so Linda sat in my lap and Diane sat in his. We made more drinks and everything got very mellow and I started noticing how sexy Diane was. Her legs were awesome. Very brown and long. Her breast were large and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were pushing against the T-shirt she wore. She had on a pair of very short shorts with loose legs. They had pushed up while sitting in his lap and I could see a little of her cheeks. She knew I was looking and she smiled at me.

As we talked and sipped our drinks, we learned he, Mark, was into html graphics — which is what Linda does as well. They got off on that topic and when the rain stopped Diane and I went back outside for the fresh air. Neither of us knew anything about their html stuff.

We decided to take a little stroll and after a few moments wandering around the half dark trail my hand found hers and we locked fingers. She stopped and turned toward me and said, “You are doing things to me, Rob.”

With that I pulled her close and kissed her and she melted against me, pushing her hips tight to me. Our lips locked tight and I allowed my hands to explore her backside. As I was cupping her fanny we heard Linda calling pendik escort to us. So much for a quickie!

Back at the camper, we learned Linda and Mark wanted to go over some stuff he was working on back at their camper and she asked me if that would be ok. I said sure — my mind on Diane’s sweet sexy body. Linda suggested we all go over to their camper but I said I would just hang here and relax. She said ok and the three of them disappeared into the darkness.

A few minutes later Diane came walking back up. “I slipped off. They are so engrossed in his project they will not even notice I am gone,” she hissed.

Instantly, we grabbed for each other. I pulled her inside the camper and tore at her clothing as she did the same. In seconds, we were both naked and on the bed. She didn’t want any foreplay — she was ready for me to enter her she was so hot. “Fuck me now,” she begged as she spread her legs wide, revealing her shaved pussy.

I didn’t have to be asked twice cause I needed her badly plus I was afraid Linda might come back any time. While Linda and I had in the past enjoyed sex with other partners, we had promised each other we wouldn’t any more unless each agreed on it. But this was a somewhat different circumstance and I figured she would never know anyway.

So, I was quick to push it in deep and give her all she wanted. I could tell she was a little scared of getting caught too cause she kept saying, “Hurry, make me have an orgasm fast.”

We both climaxed and got our clothes back on and then went out to the canopy and sat down to talk.

“That was super,” she cooed as she kissed me lightly. “Mark is never spontaneous like that. Everything has to be planned out so much. Lately, the only thing that turns him on is giving me oral. I don’t think I turn him on anymore.”

I strained to see her eyes in the dim light. “And you are complaining?” I laughed.

“Well, not complaining. I love that and he can do it really good but I love feeling him inside me to. But he has a problem getting it up sometimes. If you know what I mean”

“Well, he is a good bit older than I am,” I replied. “Hope I don’t have that problem when I get his age.”

“From the way you handled yourself in there just now I don’t think you will,” she replied. “I need to take you back home with me.”

A little later she went back to their camper and I went inside. A few moments later Linda came in and as soon as I looked at maltepe escort her I felt really rotten. I had been having good sex while she was being a good friend. I had a hard time looking at her.

She fixed us another drink and sat close to me and my mine was still on Diane and how good her pussy had been. I decided I needed to have sex with Linda to make it right. At least to make me feel right! I started kissing her neck but she pushed me away and said she wasn’t in the mood. That was strange cause she was always in the mood. One of the reasons for the camping trip was cause she wanted to have lots of sex in the woods.

I kept trying to kiss her and feel her legs and she got a little frustrated at me and got up and went to the restroom which was just down the trail about 40 yards. When she came back she started getting undressed for bed. As soon as she was down to her panties and bra I grabbed her and started kissing her butt and slid my fingers inside her panties. She squealed and fell back onto the bed. Her pussy was real wet and I was somewhat surprised cause she had said she wasn’t in the mood.

“I thought you weren’t in the mood?” I said.

She hesitated a little and then said, “I guess I am now. Just let me finish getting my clothes off.”

She stripped and lay down and I began kissing her all over the way she loves. I pushed against the thighs of her legs for her to spread them for my kisses but she held them tight together. I was persistent and finally she slowly let them fall apart and I licked her pussy. It was wet and sticky and I got really turned on by the way it smelled and tasted. I had never gotten her so wet before so I knew she was as hot as she could get.

She began to really get into my tonguing and grabbed my head and started to grind her pussy against my face. “That feels so-o-o-o good she moaned,” as she had a very intense orgasm.

Moments later, she moved around on the bed and grabbed my cock and began sucking it. I tried to pull it away from her cause I knew she would smell Diane’s pussy on it. But she was so hot I couldn’t keep her away from it and she took it eagerly. She pulled it out of her mouth for a moment and looked up at me and said, “You taste good. You have never tasted this good before.” Then she dove back down on it and I came in her mouth.

She and Mark worked every day on his project and Diane gave me some great sex each time and Linda sucked me at least a little kartal escort every time that evening. I felt so rotten I couldn’t even look her in the eye anymore but I couldn’t prevent it cause I was having so much fun and she seemed to enjoy the way Diane tasted on me. If she had known she would kill me I thought.

Well, the wonderful vacation had to end. It came way too soon. We said our goodbyes and headed back to Georgia and they headed back to Virginia.

We rode in silence back home a lot. We only talked about stuff at home and how much we dreaded getting back to the normal routine. We never looked each other in the eye the whole trip.

Two weeks went by and I was still feeling so rotten about what I had done to her at the camp that I was miserable. She was very quiet as well all this time and I knew what I had done had caused a strain on our relationship even without her knowing. I felt I had to tell her even if it meant the end of our wonderful relationship. I had to get it off my chest before I went crazy from guilt.

I was home already when she came in from work that night. I looked at her and she looked away from me quickly. I knew I had to tell her right then or I would loose my nerve.


“Rob, I got to get something off my chest,” she interrupted me. “You are gonna want to kill me but I got to say this or I will just die.”

I stared at her — feeling confused. “Ok. I got something to tell you too,” I added.

She hesitated a moment, then turned to face me with tears in her eyes. “I did something terrible up there at the camp,” she stammered. I focused my attention on her words —wondering what the heck she could have done. “I had sex with Mark. Every time I went over there to work on his project I let him screw me.”

Her words rung in my ears like an eight-inch cannon had been discharged right by me. My head started spinning and for a moment I thought I would pass completely out. I glared at her — anger rising in my heart.

Then I realized we had done the very same thing to each other without even knowing it. I had tasted Mark inside her and she had tasted Diane on me and we both had loved it. I felt sick to my stomach and I made an excuse to get away from her and went to the bathroom.

We stayed together. I never did tell her that I had had sex with Diane. I didn’t see the use. I had got my whipping and she had too with all the guilt she had dealt with. We stayed together for another 10 years before parting company. And one thing I learned out of that wild vacation is never to mess around on the girl you are with — else, you might just get the same medicine without knowing it — and that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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